Researching vaccines is complicated and often confusing. Whenever looking into immunization, be sure to get your information from the best sources. Good sources do the following:

  • Come from well-known and credible organizations
  • Are frequently reviewed by experts in the areas of infectious disease and immunization
  • Do not sell consumer products or work closely with places that sell products
  • Reference their claims to other credible sites, and these sites corroborate the claims made

The first place a parent should receive information about vaccines is from his/her medical doctor or nurse practitioner. However, many parents will use the internet to get information ahead of talking to their medical professional. MnCIC recommends the following sources on the internet to obtain the best information about vaccines:

Which vaccines does your child need? The CDC website has an easy tool to help you figure out which vaccines your child will need and when he/she will need them. If you are enrolling your child in school, visit the Minnesota Department of Health website to make sure your child has all his/her required vaccines.