The Minnesota Childhood Immunization Coalition is a coalition of parents, healthcare workers, public health workers, health organizations, and other groups and individuals with a vested interest in keeping our children and our communities healthy through high immunization rates.

In a state with premier healthcare institutions and some of the best doctors and nurses in the world a coalition designed to promote immunization may seem, at first glance, unnecessary. However, we live in a state with well-organized immunization opponents who actively discourage parents from vaccinating their children – sometimes successfully.

Fear of vaccines has moved some parents to refuse vaccinations for their children and has resulted in the return of measles, pertussis, and chickenpox to Minnesota neighborhoods. It’s time for the majority of us who support vaccines in Minnesota to stand up and work together to protect our children from preventable diseases. It’s time to support smart policies and educational initiatives that help Minnesota parents feel confident in their choice to vaccinate their children.

Two main areas of focus for MnCIC include supporting legislation that improves immunization policies and engaging in parent-to-parent educational conversations.

MnCIC is a volunteer-run organization.